Hyundai Capital America

Responsive Dealer Portal
About HCA
Hyundai Capital America (HCA) is the captive finance company for Hyundai and Kia dealerships nationwide. They provide indirect vehicle financing and leasing solutions to over 1 million retail customers.
Business Challenge
HCA wanted an online responsive one-stop solution to serve all of their dealers -- 825 Hyundai dealerships and 772 Kia dealerships. The right solution would create efficiencies and improve the effectiveness of dealer operational processes, from reporting to incentives and ACH reconciliations.
Business objectives
Provide self-service access for dealers
Automate marketing processes & reduce servicing costs
Increase retention/loyalty & conquest rates
The Solution

ChannelNet designed a self-service, one-stop-shop portal for HCA dealers. The portal provides incentives, offers, electronic lease funding notices, reserve statements, leads and more.  The solution also streamlined the Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer process.

ChannelNet’s eBusiness Service Center (eBSC) provides help desk support to HCA, Hyundai and Kia dealers with user and admin training, username and password resets, field and corporate training, quality assurance, content entry, content migration, verifying customer eligibility, site navigation support, and troubleshooting.

Both the automotive finance company and the dealerships:

  • Realized cost savings through lower mail costs and a reduced need for accounting clerical help
  • Experienced fewer financial errors, and it took significantly less time to process each transaction, which greatly benefited cash flow
In addition to the dealer portal services, the solution also provides HCA with personalized URL (PURL) solutions (custom consumer microsites).