Our Solutions

ChannelNet digitally connects brands, their distribution channels and their customers by giving each one the content, data and tools they need, when, where and how they want it. Here’s how we do it:

Turn-key marketing automation solutions that drive loyalty and retention

We will work with you to create a customer digital roadmap and track your typical customer’s buying journey. We are experts at creating a cadence of lifecycle marketing communications that increase customer acquisition and retention rates while reducing direct marketing expenses. Our marketing automation platform, ChannelNet SiteBuilder™, connects all the lifecycle touch points — email, mobile phone, website, call centers, tablets, retail stores, direct mail, etc.

Using marketing automation technology that delivers communication via personal URLs (PURLs), we can digitize the entire customer lifecycle, from creating the first impression, lead capturing and lead nurturing, to sending a welcome message, setting up a customer online account and integrating your social channels.

One-to-one personalization at scale

We build digital marketing strategies based on only one premise: make it easy for a customer to do business. And that is why we started using personal customer microsites, or personal URLs (PURLs), way back in 2005. PURLs unleash the power of one-to-one marketing. They foster targeted, relevant interactions by customizing the content sent to each customer or prospect. This means your customers and prospects have ready access to the information they need, when and how they need it. We manage over 10 million personal microsites for some of the most recognized brands in the world.

Technology that cuts through the clutter

Our platform, ChannelNet SiteBuilder™, enables a needs-based approach and gives you the ability to target and personalize each interaction. Managing the entire customer lifecycle using PURLs is just the beginning. To ensure a total customer experience, we can also connect your customer’s personal microsite to your brand or sales channel websites and integrate it with your social media channels.

“The PURL strategies help us be a bit more laser-like than a shotgun. We can send out 1,500 different versions of the same email to 1,500 consumers.”

— Tim Devine, senior vice president of Hyundai Capital America

Seamlessly sharing data is smart business

Fundamental to creating the unified multichannel experience is having the ability to seamlessly share data across touch points — email, mobile phone, website, call centers, tablets, retail stores, direct mail, etc. Our marketing automation platform, ChannelNet SiteBuilder™, connects the touch points. It integrates easily with existing applications, systems and your proprietary technology. Most importantly, it enables a transparent flow of data, information and content between channels and does not require expensive internal IT changes.

We can design and build an entire multichannel marketplace that includes personal customer microsites, brand website and a network of websites for your retail outlets, agents, reps and dealers, all interconnected.

Channel partner websites are our specialty

We’ll design and build an entire multichannel marketplace — a website network for your channel partners. Your agents, reps and retailers will all be interconnected. Our patented content management system (CMS) puts you in the driver’s seat with complete control of the content, look and feel of your channel partner websites.

A few of the features that come standard:

  • Ability to customize and use local outlet/store images, content and promotions
  • Leverage brand library of images and content
  • Includes lead generation tools such as scheduling appointments, promotions, online credit applications and targeted email marketing campaigns
  • User-friendly content management system — no technical skills needed
  • Turnkey, expert help desk support
  • Easy for customers on-the-go (tablet and mobile friendly)
  • Comes with search engine and domain name registration as well as search optimization
  • Includes corporate store locator
  • Provides homepage overlays for seasonal changes
  • Offers page flip technology for circulars and flyers
  • Includes standard security and privacy policies

“ChannelNet has proven that they provide reliable, easy-to-use, cost effective Web site solutions through their work for our US Hunter Douglas Window Fashions Gallery program”

— Randy Liken, Vice President and General Manager, Hunter Douglas Canada

We are all business when it comes to portals

Whether it’s an enterprise portal, retailer portal, dealer portal or marketing portal, it’s all about business. Growing business. Streamlining business. Protecting business. Sharing business. Lowering the cost of doing business.

We’ll plan, map, design, build and support your business portal

We have the expertise and experience to design, launch and maintain your portal. In addition, we can provide creative and usability design, copywriting, video production, sales training, change management, and help desk support for your administrators and retailers. We create user-friendly portals that connect, protect and empower your business partners and employees.

Portal features for the brand include:

  • Safe, secure environment, including single sign-on
  • User-friendly — no technical skills needed
  • Easy integration with existing applications, systems, and proprietary technology to bridge data silos
  • Ability to quickly develop a brand-compatible custom look and feel and add business rules
  • Information display based on role (sales, finance, service, etc.)
  • Sales incentive tracking capability
  • Content management software to ensure brand identity standards are maintained
  • Turnkey, expert help desk support for assistance with password reset services, ongoing training and reporting
  • Ability to send targeted emails

Portal features for the dealer/retail outlet include:

  • Easy-to-use self-service on-demand information and resources
  • Access to real-time data
  • Print-on-demand reports
  • Ability to obtain marketing materials
  • Sales tools
Kia Dealer Access

Self-service functionality that drives ready-to-buy leads and post-purchase ROI

Our marketing automation platform integrates easily with existing applications and systems and any proprietary technology. Our platform allows you to rapidly and securely provide your customers highly branded online credit applications with optional real time decisioning and/or full self-service account management functionality including profile management, real-time financial data and account management such as bill pay, history view and more.

Secure online accounts increase customer satisfaction and save money

Secure online consumer accounts are an ideal way to let customers manage their own business, and to increase customer satisfaction and reduce your support costs. Customers will reward you with repeat business when you make it easy and convenient for them to pay bills, view statements, see history, resolve personal issues and more.

Out of the box, our secure online account functionality gives you the ability to:

  • Monitor customer behavior through analytics and tracking software
  • Generate emails based on customer lifecycle and business rules
  • Provide online specials and promotions based on customer lifecycle and business rules
  • Link customers to inventory
  • Offer purchase or product details (price, warranty, maintenance reminders) and upsell or cross-sell
  • Promote store locators and dealer contact information
  • Offer single sign-on to your customers
  • Support multiple brands
  • Issue welcome kits

Features and benefits include:

  • Ability to quickly develop a custom look and feel that provides a unique, branded experience
  • Custom business rule integration such as real-time decision making or lead forwarding
  • Capacity to extend the credit application as a service to your channel partners (once the credit application is branded, the dealers can typically deploy the product within days)
  • Responsive design , which means the application is compatible with most browsers and devices
  • Flexibility to use the online credit application as an individual customer microsite, a standalone website with unique URL, or embed it in your existing page, banner ad or email
  • Short and long forms as well as lead generation options and the ability to add fields

Results are what we deliver

At ChannelNet, we have been pioneers and leaders in the evolution of personalization from a push messaging segment-driven model to one-to-one insights-driven personal customer experience. ChannelNet SiteBuilder™ platform is a robust engine that does all the work for you. Data, insights, and analytics are the fuel that drives that the engine and guarantees our clients breakthrough results.

It's in our DNA

We are hard-wired to turn data into insights that drive marketing and communication decisions. We use analysis to turn vast amounts of information into actionable intelligence and informed action plans that are supportable, measurable and effective. Our approach translates into programs that allow brands to connect with their customers in relevant and meaningful ways.

Good planning followed by continuous improvement

Our Strategy and Analytics solutions allow us to work with you to custom craft the right plan, hit the ground running with ideas that immediately move the needle and continually improve through the type of insights-driven optimization that can only result from real-time careful tracking and understanding of your metrics and analytics.

As part of the design-build process, we will work with you to determine how to best measure success and how to continually improve on that success. We can assist you with measuring your outcomes in the following ways:

  • Metrics setup and scheduling
  • Dashboard creation
  • Training
  • Quick reference guides
  • Strategies for improving analytics